Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Long Way Home- David Laskin

The first half of this book was devoted to introducing the characters. Then, about mid-book, the author expanded with more details about the young immigrant American men.   I was starting to be bored reading the first half when the author began to describe what happened to each man during World War I. The resulting picture is an extraordinary history of a time now quickly fading into the past.

The Great War created ten million dead people in just four years (1914-1918). It was the "War To End All Wars".

The peace lasted about twenty years.

Friday, October 25, 2013

An Irish Country Doctor - Patrick Taylor NBC

This book, my friends, is a grand read. If you read and liked "All Creatures Great And Small", or any other of James Herriot books, you will enjoy this one every bit as much. It is in many ways the Dr. Kildare story set in rural Ireland. The young and new doctor joins an old practice run by a gruff crumudgeaon and together they treat a fascinating assortment of very Irish characters. The book rocks with laughter and the beautiful green countryside comes alive.

An Irish Country Wedding - Patrick Taylor NBC

Like all Patrick Taylor's books this one is exceptionally good. As I said when reviewing a Previous Patrick Taylor book, if you liked James Herriot's "All Creatures Big or Small" you will enjoy "An Irish Country Wedding" just as much. 

The characters, their names, and the place names will produce a smile.. The story takes place in "Ballybucklebo, Ulster, Northern Ireland" and the central character is named "Doctor Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly." 

The book brings to life the people of a small Irish village and their various interpersonal foibles. Would recommend to anyone.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Destiny of the Republic - Candice Millard

Well written tale about the generally unknown past President,  James A. Garfield.

A fine man who somehow has been overlooked in Presidential history.

The most absorbing part was after he was shot was when Dr. D. Willard Bliss arrived and just took over Garfields care.

That care was strongly characterized as malpractice.

There was a side story avout the "Induction Balance" invented by Alexander Gaham Bell to determine exactly where the bullet was lodged.