Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scott Martelle

The author plans to visit on June 26th

Flags of Our Fathers by Bradley

Planned for August 28th

Changed to Sept. 18th

it's even worse by Ornstein

Planned for July 31st discussion

A extremely biased liberal book.

I tried and failed. After a couple dozen pages I threw the thing in the trash..

It's sometimes difficult to be the only more or less Republican Conservative now in the club. I'm okay with reasonable liberals as they are often correct (in my mind) in their assessment of problems or situations, etc. But when these liberals go over the top and become unwilling to consider another point of view, that's it for me.

Today our entire country is besieged  by rabidly ridiculous people. Not just rabid ultra-liberal
die-hards, but other tag along groups also.  We have every sort of divisive idiot in the streets proclaiming his or her teeny-tiny stupidity. 

Neo-Nazi's, impossibly ignorant armed thugs, people that simply like to destroy someone else's property,  and various one issue folks who think they are being overlooked. Like the LGBT bunch, the idiotic "black is better" group, the anti-Semites, the abortion promoters, the one worlders, and the borderless nations group. This list goes on and on. 

Even the Catholic Pope openly opposes capitalism and free market economies, but offers no superior substitutes.

Yesterday a few Trump supporters on the U.C.Berkeley campus tried to peacefully call attention to the "conservative" side of economics and politics, etc. They were met in the streets by other students clad in horrific black masked and shrouded uniforms, armed with sticks. guns, knives, baseball bats,  stones, and pepper sprays. The conservative faction was beaten into silence. 

The rapidly liberal, poorly educated, elite students of Berkeley had done it again.

Enough. My point is that this book is written by one of these stupidly intolerant and closed minded authors and I refuse to read this kind of nonsense.

1776 by McCulloch

Panned for meeting May 1st.