Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown NBC

Mixed review. Filled with facts and convincing descriptions. Unlike his DaVinci Code, this book tries much too hard. Mr. Brown provided his sequel with more of everything, and purposely lead the reader by means of a different  "Perils of Pauline tied to the railroad tracks as the Train thunders toward her" at the end of every page. This constant urging to turn the page is so clearly present that it becomes overwhelming - and ultimately boring. The author is obviously brilliant and a very resourceful writer. This book revolves around Freemasonry (thanks Dan) and is quite friendly to the craft. At the same time the author makes many fundamental errors of fact. Why would he do this? It is so obvious he must have done so on purpose. What purpose? In the end the book must be described as an "over-thriller-intelligent-twisty-multi-mystery" with flaws.

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