Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Imperial Cruise - James Bradley NBC

This book was very disappointing.

One of my heroes has always been Teddy Roosevelt. When I learned about him in school, he was portrayed as a bluff, flamboyant, and dynamic political executive of some merit. He was responsible for creating a number of  National Parks. And didn't he send the "White Fleet" around the world to impress other nations of America's growing power?  And isn't that Teddy's face on Mt. Rushmore with a few other American heroes?

This book, from the first page to the last, viciously attacks everything Teddy ever did. It is unrelenting in it's criticism and absolutely boring to read. This is no "page-turner" but instead a mean spirited book intended to destroy a man's entire life and legacy. At the end the reader wants to throw Teddy to the wolves and the book in the trash.

Forget this book. It is utterly worthless.

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  1. A book that attacks "Old Rough and Ready"? I am appalled. He was one of the most dynamic, gutsy presidents we ever had! I consider him the beginning of the progressive movement in the Republican party and, in my not very humble opinion, we need representatives like him in these troubled times.