Sunday, May 23, 2010

Microtrends - Mark Penn

The writer has a long history of polling and from that he has deduced (as Sherlock Holmes would say) what he believes to be the natural extrapolation of facts. The result is a fascinating book that points out 'what led to what,' and 'how it happened'.

The book has 15 Major Divisions:
  1. Love, Sex, and Relationships,
  2. Work Life,
  3. Race and Religion, 
  4. Health and Wellness,
  5. Family Life,
  6. Politics,
  7. Teens,
  8. Food, Drink and Diet,
  9. Lifestyle,
  10. Money and Class, 
  11. Looks and Fashion,
  12. Technology,
  13. Leisure and Entertainment,
  14. Education,
  15. International.
I've listed them all to illustrate the diversity and number of subjects addressed. Each of the 15 Major Divisions is further divided into 8 or more Chapters (subjects within the major heading), and they are all interesting. Basically they show how small things (acorns) are ultimately responsible for large things (oak trees).

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