Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zeitoun By Dave Eggers

I found Zeitoun to be an interesting, factual and not particularly surprising account of the hurricaine KATRINA.  It's a good story, well written,  about a Muslim man who didn't deserve what he got. You can find an excellent review at the following link:

Extra Comments. Reading this book I kept thinking about our present government which is so rapidly dismissing the American dream. The current administration can't lose our American heritage fast enough. They claim that the same old way of doing things has failed, and to fix everything they intend to reduce our freedoms  - and replace them by increasing the power of our Government. Under all of the rhetoric lies the question:

Just exactly what should we expect from our government?

Our current ultra-left-liberal government believes the nation can be managed better if it's citizens give up much of their FREEDOM and independence. They want to transfer more and greater powers to our government bureaucracy. The majority of Americans do NOT agree, but the liberal minority, mostly Democrats, have elected to shove these programs ahead regardless. It's an understatement to say that the majority of Americans are not happy . . . . but their voices are ignored.

America is in the process of making a huge leap toward government dependence.

Our government and it's systems have proven superior to most others for 200 years. People with common sense (regardless of political party), know that evolutionary changes may be necessary as society itself changes, yet they believe the fundamental structures and systems designed 200 years ago by the Founding Fathers, are basic and fundamental. By following those guidelines America has grown and prospered. Why in the world would we now reject our traditions and history instead of respecting and learning from the past.

The word freedom, repeated in the context of America, describes one of our nation's major attractions. It is the nature of governments to reduce the freedom of their citizens. They do so by the steady imposition of new laws, and almost every law passed establishes a limit on someones freedom.  Most laws are intended to protect the rights and freedom of someone else.

America's Constitution  describes the limits on acceptable behavior. It tells in clear language what citizens and the government are NOT to do. It insists on limits that apply to individuals and to government activities.

 The Declaration of Independence  describes what is expected of individuals and of their government. It further addresses the basic nature of individuals and their fundamental rights . . .  such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It confirms for us , and it tells us that our citizens are all equal under the law, and that all men are equal under their Creator.

Mr. Zeitoun defied the instructions of police, fire and government spokespeople. He refused to leave his home and property and remained in the dangerous area of New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. He was arrested and badly treated in the makeshift legal system temporarily in place. In one sense it should never have happened, and in another HE ASKED FOR IT.

The Katrina devastation was an act of God coupled with a catastrophic failure of U.S. Government levies, diversion channels and disaster preparedness.

Repairing the damage of Katrina.

1.  When was it decided that ACTS OF GOD (NATURE) must be be insured by government?

2.  Should American Tax Dollars pay Katrina's costs for rebuilding, restitution and 
     other damage?

3. On a related matter, when was it decided  A PERSON'S RETIREMENT must be guaranteed
    and paid for by American Tax Dollars?

4. Why are  UNEMPLOYED WORKERS  paid for with American Tax Dollars? 

Why do these questions pop up?

Because the most damaged city in Katrina's path was New Orleans where a very large percentage of the displaced people have been living on welfare for generations. Too many have never even had a job, and neither have their parents. For these parasitic permanent welfare clients Katrina has provided a windfall. The government is rebuilding their homes and repairing the damaged infrastructure. Katrina closed thousands of businesses and the government is now furnishing welfare money and no interest loans to urge business owners to get started again. How closely is this welfare money monitored and managed? Who is responsible for it?  
Returning now to Zeitoun and the Hurricane Katrina,

1.   when was it decided that our national government had to pay for the property
      damaged (provide insurance),

2.    and had to pay residents and business owners to rebuild in a dangerous natural flood

Let us have a discussion on those questions.



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