Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Straight Into Darkness - Kellerman

This was an odd book for the club to select. To begin with we don't read a lot of fiction, particularly mystery fiction. I was aware that the author had been a speaker at one of the local Jewish organizations and that several of our members had attended. So I assumed the book was selected because of something the author said in her talk. Whatever, I started the book.

I was immediately absorbed by the story.  It was a history of the time just prior to World War II and, with a huge cast of characters, the author described the early Hitler, Brown Shirts, and Nazi organization. The story focused on anti-Semitism and the coming Jewish tragedy, and was told using the skeleton of a police procedural. The main character is a veteran policeman.

The book has a few weaknesses. The storyline falters here and there for one, and there are many implausible sections.  

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