Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Castle In The Forest - Mailer NBC

If, for some reason,  you want to read a truly raunchy book . . . may I recommend this one. How in the world did Norman Mailer make his vastly over rated reputation?  In my estimation  he was a ONE BOOK author and his talent ended with THE NAKED AND THE DEAD.  It was his first and should have been his last.

Back to the subject. The first 1/3 of The Castle In The Forest is devoted to the specualtion that incest was common among Hitler's ancestors. Perhaps it was. The author also claims that incest was the primary motivator of the infamous murderer Heinrich Himmler. Okay, so what. The author, Norman Mailer, uses this trembling stage to examine, in great detail, the genitals of every possible relative on Adolf Hitler's family tree. Mailer seems to delight in describing every penis and asshole, every vagina and orgasim.

By the time a reader gets through the first 1/3 of the book it has clearly proven to be a useless tale of speculation and disgusting hypothesis.

The root idea seems to be that Adolf Hitler was somehow the evil result of the evil parentage mystically driven into evil people by the Maestro (Devil) himself.

The thesis is faulty, the writing is exceptionally bad, and after reading about 1/3 . . . the book is now in the trash to be burned.  

On a grade scale of A to F, this one doesn't even rate an F-.


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