Monday, February 1, 2010

Man of the People - Alonzo L. Hamby

The sub title is [A Life of Harry S. Truman], and the book is the finest and most complete biography available. It is really excellent, and imparts both the facts and the personal essense of Harry Truman better than any of the other Truman biographies.

Our O.C. Geezer Book Club is fortunate to have as a member, George Elsey, who was an active young advisor to F.D.R. and remained in office when Harry took over. Harry was unprepared, overwhelmed, but possessed of a clear idea of right and wrong. He was a common man, intelligent and decisive. He became a good President.

George originally worked for Roosevelt running the [map room] during W.W. II. When the war ended George became an assistant to Clark Clifford, and in that capacity, remained close to the President as an advisor. He traveled to Potsdam with the President, and to several other of the conferences of the time. George wrote speeches and position papers for President Truman, and many of George Elsey's duties and assignments are detailed in the book.

George was also kind enough to present a verbal disertation further describing the events mentioned in Hamby's book. It made the book even more interesting to the club members. 

The book is long, detailed, and reads like a very good textbook. On a grade scale of A to F it should earn an A.  It is an excellent read that would appeal most to a person interested in history. 

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