Monday, February 15, 2010

World War IV - Norman Podhoretz

The Presidential campaign leading up to the election in 2008 was brutal. It was so loaded with partisan lies, mis-direction, and personal attacks it may even have been the worst in American history. Candidate Obama ran against the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Administration instead of his opponent John McCain. In his campaigning Obama never missed an opportunity to criticize Bush . . . on every front. He demeaned the office of President by the shear audacity of his tremendous volley of lies and inuendo.

The then unpopular former President Bush stayed out of the contest and did not reply. The Republican ticket, John McCain and Sarah Palin, was unable to defend the Bush Administration and at the same time advance a dynamic Republican platform. 

Ultimately, Obama won by a whisker. But he won.

Bush Jr. still elected not to defend his record. Instead, he seems quite confident to let history make it's own judgement.

The problem is that Bush Jr. did some terrific things while in office. His accomplishments were many and his failures were few. Until this book came out no one spoke up and tabulated all of the positive accomplishments of the Bush Administration. The Author (Norman Podhoretz) deserves our thanks. He has written a fascinating, balanced, non-partisan, and finely fair accounting of the Bush Administration.

I wish it was possible to force all of the Bush-Haters to read this book.

On a grade scale of A to F. . .  I would give World War IV an A+.


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